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National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy, 2007

TThe policy is aimed to provide housing and other basic infrastructure to economically weaker sections, low income groups and other sections of the society at an affordable cost. Under the special Provision for SC/ST/OBC/Minorities/Disabled, the policy aims to make special efforts for catering to the needs of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Minorities, Disabled persons, slum dwellers, street vendors other informal sector workers and other vulnerable sections of the society in relation to housing and access to basic services. (11, xv) Also it states that a Special Action Plan will be prepared for urban slum dwellers with special emphasis on persons belonging to SC/ST/OBCs/Minorities/Economically weaker Sections /physically handicapped and Minorities. Due given so that Safai Karamcharies and Scavengers are not geographically and socially segregated. (V, 5.1, v)