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About Us

Dalit March is a National Forum and a Support Center which aids in the realization of rights of the Dalit people and for stronger implementation of Government policies, Constitutional and Legal provisions. This initiative works to set up legal aid centers in order to increase access to justice for Dalit populations. Our work greatly involves creating awareness amongst these marginalized communities about their fundamental human rights through training programs, capacity building sessions , Dalit Solidarity groups to improve their networking and communication skills and help them to partake in decision making process of the country and how to present themselves on a national platform.

Dalit March has developed alliances with various organizations and National level experts on Dalit Rights engaged in advocacy and campaigns and lobbying processes as part of the larger movement working for Dalit rights in India.

    Our initiatives include the following:

  • Lobby and Advocacy
  • Capacity building and training
  • Establishing state networks and Information Centers
  • Awareness building of both the Dalits and common public regarding the Constitutional and Legal provisions, as part of advocacy, further converting it into strong lobby processes.


A socially just, equitable, sustainable and a well aware egalitarian casteless society based on dignity, core human values and capability enrichment through love and compassion for fellow human-beings.


  1. Creating Awareness regarding the Constitutional provisions and Special legislations for the SC and ST communities.
  2. Work towards effective implementation and monitoring of processes in the execution of laws for the Dalit communities with grass-root interventions.
  3. Unionizing of the Dalit communities (groups of women and youth as well) and working towards their solidarity.
  4. A strive to wipe away the social taboos still prevalent in the rural areas against the dalits.


  1. Arranging awareness campaigns for the public, especially in remote villages where the situation of dalits is very vulnerable and marginalized. We will build the perspective of the people on the positive image of dalits and about their tapped talents, arts and culture. We will be taking the help of legal provisions and constitutional rights of the dalits, case studies of successful dalit people etc..
  2. Strong Lobby and Advocacy.
  3. Developing an Information Network accessible to all regarding Right to Development for all regardless of any caste and class.
  4. Developing Dalit Leadership among the youth (both boys and girls) and capacity building.
  5. Special focus on Dalit women atrocities and their empowerment and importance of Dalit women in Governance and political participation.
  6. Working to eradicate children involved in manual scavenging and to make their lives better and futuristic.

Action Plan

  1. Setting-up state networks of Dalit women activists in Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh and Uttar Pradesh (UP).
  2. Study and advocacy on economic rights of Dalits, especially implementation of Special Component Plan (SCP) in the state of Rajasthan.
  3. Solidarity with National Coalition on SC-ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.
  4. Training of Dalit Youth Activists in Bihar.